Open Call for Proposals. Global Forum NESI

Open Call for Proposals. Global Forum NESI

Global Forum NESI “New Economy and Social Innovation”, to be held on 19-22 April in Málaga (Spain) is a meeting place for people and organisations working to create a more sustainable, fair, collaborative and people-oriented New Economy.

Professionals and citizens are calling to participate in this “Call for Proposals” open for those who want to share their good practices and/or solve a challenge through a collaborative process.




“Good practices to be replicated”:
Real good practices or positive experiences implemented by the applicants in any of the four main tracks of NESI.

“Collaborative challenges”:
Challenge/opportunity/goal that either businesses /NGOs/social movements or governments are facing. They must be framed under any of the 4 main tracks.


Any person, organisation, business, NGO, government as well as academic and research centres with some innovative story/experience to tell or challenge to face can send a proposal.


The deadline of this call for proposals finishes at 5pm 10th January 2017

You´ll get:

  • Opportunity to present your proposal during the Global Forum NESI.
  • One Free ticket for each speaker to the Global Forum NESI and 3 more tickets with special discount. (accommodation is not included)
  • Promotion of your project through NESI international networks.

Any questions, please contact

Evaluation criteria

  • Diversity: Proposals will be selected trying to keep diversity in terms of: countries, cultures, gender, tracks and topics.

  • Creativity/innovation: Creative and original proposals will get the best score.

    Presentation of innovative ideas or innovative ways of solving an existing problem
    Application of existing practices in innovative ways or in a new sector.

  • Replicability and scalability: We look for proposals that can be replicated in other locations and by other organisations (locally, nationally or even internationally).

  • Specific impact: Positive social, ecological and economic impact. It is important to clarify whether there are potential negative impacts (if so, those will reduce the global scoring).

  •  Systemic change impact: Priority for proposals with potential to catalyse systemic change in terms of new economy.

  • Methodology: Method proposed to present the good practices or to facilitate the collaborative challenge. Special importance to the capacity to demonstrate that applicants will achieve their goals in the time assigned.

  • Clear and concise proposals. Proposals must clearly explain goals, methodology and impact.

Confirmation of proposals:

Applications accepted will be published on the 10th February 2017

Participants with applications accepted must confirm their participation in the NESI Forum before 20th February. In the case accepted applications do not confirm their participation, other applications short listed will be selected.

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