What We Do

We are a think & do tank, but  we like to call ourselves a “think ocean” as we are a global, independent, innovative, open and participative network of people and organisations throughout the world.

In order to drive systemic change we develop three main types of activities.

  • “Think-Ocean Series”: Research projects developed through participative events (debates, workshops…) with people from different background, cultures and countries who co-create new laws, policies and public policies aimed at building a better world.
  • “Policy-Making Proposals”: As a result of our “Think-Ocean Series” and our observation of the social innovation, changes and demands of our societies we make and present policy proposals to governments on all levels, from the local to the UN.
  • “Change Makers for the Common Good”: We also support that governments to put into practice some of those policies as well as to implement “replicable prototypes”.

Here you can find the 2015 Report & 2016 Action Plan!

What we do

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