Who We Are

We are a group of people and organisations around the world who have decided to work together to co-create a new economic and social system that puts people at the centre. Our trustees inspire and orient us, our donors provide financial support to our activities, our community contribute with creativity and networking and our staff make our dreams come true.

Will you join us?

Who we are

Christian Felber: Dancing Economist

Christian Felber is an internationally renowned speaker, lecturer at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, co-founder of Attac Austria and a contemporary dancer. Christian has authored several bestsellers:”50 Suggestions for a fairer World”, “New Values for the Economy”, “Let’s save the Euro!”, “The Economy for the Common Good”, and “Money. The new rules of
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Diego Isabel La Moneda: Change Maker

Co-Founder and Director of the Global Hub for the Common Good Diego defines himself as a social entrepreneur and a change-maker. He is specialised in new economics, social and political innovation, sustainable development and business management and he has long experience working both with private companies, public institutions and governments. He also coordinates the International
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Peter Holbrook

Peter is hungry for social justice and believes that social enterprise provides one of our very best hopes. He’s passionate about communities creating change through innovation. Prior to joining Social Enterprise UK, Peter was founding CEO of Sunlight Development Trust, a social enterprise that delivers a wide range of integrated community services, including youth engagement,
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Rebeca Pastor: dressing ethically to change the world

Rebeca believes that social entrepreneurs and social enterprises will be one of the pillars of systemic change. She has long experience working with entrepreneurs, businesses, NGOs and public institutions in countries such as Spain, Ethiopia, Bolivia, Guatemala and United Kingdom. She also believes in the power of consumers and is keen on ethical fashion and how
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Our activities are financed through:

  • Fundraising
  • Donations
  • Crowdfunding for specific projects
  • Revenue for the offered services

The Global Hub for the Common Good has set itself very high goals that can only be fulfilled through the involvement of the community, of citizens, of your involvement. Your donation, whichever its amount, will contribute to make a real difference in the world.

We are extremely grateful for you contribution. Every time a person contributes to this cause, it is a step forward towards the Common Good. Thank you.

We are currently working on our site to be able to host donations from it. If you would like to contribute, please use this link to get in touch with us and we will come back to you immediately. We thank you for your understanding.

Albert Cañigueral

Alejandro Salcedo

Amaya Apesteguia

Andreas Bayer

Andy Chapman

Anke Winchenbach

Bridget Knapper

Carlos Goga

Carlos Trias

Colm Massey

Dolly Albergoli

Felicitas Ader

Francisco Abad

Gerardo Wijnant

Ivan del Caz

Javier Goikoetxea

José Luis Sánchez Martín

Josean Lavado

Juan Pablo Laneras

Jules Peck

Katharina Grün

Marc Masmiquel

Matt Taylor

Mercè Carreras Solanas

Michele Stua

Miguel Benavent de B.

Miriam Meda

Pablo Fernández del Castillo

Pedro Tarak

Peter Lipman

Rajesh Makwana

Rubens Carvalho

Salvador Garcia

Santiago M. Estévez Magnasco

Silvia Montoya

Susana Ollero

Thomas Doennebrink

Tom Pegram




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