“The NESI Charter”

The “NESI Charter” is a collaborative statement built with the contribution of hundreds of people from the five continents. The final text was co-written by representatives of several new economy models and with the support of the University of Barcelona. The NESI Charter was presented on 19th April 2017 in the NESI Forum celebrated in Málaga (Spain) .
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What is a social enterprise?

What is a social enterprise? How are social enterprises creating positive impact and transforming the world? Diego Isabel, Director of the Global Hub for the Common Good, interviews Peter Holbrook, CEO of Social Enterprise UK, member of the board of the Social Enterprise World Forum and advisor of the Global Hub for the Common Good. Peter
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What is the Economics of Happiness?

What is the Economics of Happiness? As E.F. Schumacher said in his book “Small is beautiful”, “the goal of the economy is to provide maximum happiness with minimum conmsumption”. Discover more about what is the Economics of Happiness in this interview to Helena Norberg Hodge of Local Futures / Economics of Happiness by Diego Isabel, Director of
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Bringing the new economy to Brussels

I recognise that Brussels comes across to me as a grey city. Not just because of the climate, but I wouldn’t know how to explain it exactly. Maybe it’s due to the contrasts you can find exiting any of the train stations. Whether its Brussels North or Brussels Midi, you always find a mixture of
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Nuevo “canalyosoytu” en youtube

Nuestro Director Diego Isabel La Moneda acaba de lanzar su nuevo “canalyosoytu” en youtube en formato Video-Vlog. Será en español con algunas entrevistas en inglés. Diego utilizará el formato “youtuber” para trasmitir mensajes actuales vinculados con las nuevas economías y el cambio que estamos viviendo en la sociedad. Habrá una sección que hablará sobre cada
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Open Call for Proposals. Global Forum NESI

Open Call for Proposals. Global Forum NESI Global Forum NESI “New Economy and Social Innovation”, to be held on 19-22 April in Málaga (Spain) is a meeting place for people and organisations working to create a more sustainable, fair, collaborative and people-oriented New Economy. Professionals and citizens are calling to participate in this “Call for Proposals” open for
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Brett Scott: “Money is not a store of value” & on the need of Bitcoin despite its flaws

One of the goals we have at the Global Hub for the Common Good is to foster economic and financial literacy, therefore, we proudly repost and broaden the reach of good and practical publications. In this occasion, enjoy Brett Schott’s smart and witty writing style -and the very appropriate memes- while learning on the insights of
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The Relationship between CSR and Financial Performance

versión en español aquí This blogpost is the introduction and abstract of the Phd Thesis researched and written by Pablo Gómez Carrasco. His research highlights how CSR – and what content of it –  is communicated through Social Media and the impact it has on stakeholders and investors. We hope you find it as interesting as we
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Paper by David Bollier and Pat Conaty This paper was first published  on September 8-10, 2015 as a Report on a Commons Strategies Group Workshop in cooperation with the Heinrich Böll Foundation Berlin This “Democratic Money and Capital for the Commons” report is a rare synthesis of perspectives for rethinking money &  finance, even if a more complete
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Objetivos para el Desarrollo Sostenible, más cerca gracias a la Economía del Bien Común

por Javier Goikoetxea Desde el “Global Hub por el Bien Común” me han honrado con participar periódicamente con algún artículo relacionado con el Bien Común y no me he podido resistir. Entiendo el “Global Hub for the Common Good” como un contenedor global donde todo lo que mezclemos nos acerque al Bien Común. Es por
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Action after Paris: going the extra mile in 2016

By Matthew Taylor The Sustainable Innovation Forum. The much-anticipated Paris COP21 UN conference on climate change concluded with an internationally recognised Paris Agreement. It’s ambitious but not binding. It’s not perfect but it’s something. Proposals must now be secured to start achieving the agreement’s goals. Policymakers have done their part but we cannot rely on
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Outlining an economic system by and for the common good

Para acceder en Español, pulse aquí! This Blog Post is a contribution by Faircoop: The Earth Cooperative for a Fair Economy. This post’s goal is to provide knowledge and understanding on the system of alternative currencies. We recommend you to take some time to go through this highly interesting journey through the creation of money and P2P
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An Education System for the Common Good

By Matthew Taylor “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” (Nelson Mandela, 1993) If we want corporate behaviour to change so that businesses can be profitable but in a way that also helps humans thrive and conserves our planet, then we need to change our Economics and Business
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Alternatives to TTIP, CETA, TiSA and WTO: “Sovereign Democracy” and “Ethical Trade Strategy”

proposed by Christian Felber, Vienna, Austria Book author, University teacher, „Common Good Economist“ Para ver este artículo en Español, pulse aquí 1. Alternative Process: “Sovereign Democracy” Rather than in „post-democracies“ (Colin Crouch, whose analysis I do share), we live in „pre-democracies“. A „true“ democracy (Spanish: „democracia real“) has never actually existed1. In a true democracy,
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Events on the opinion issued by the European Economic and Social Committee

SME Intergroup discussion Earlier this week, on the 20th of October 2015 a breakfast on the Economy for the Common Good (ECG) was hold in the European Parliament. This event took place after the Economic and Social European Committee issued an Opinion in favour of the Economy for the Common Good on September 17th 2015. The
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Today, October 16th 2015, the Web of the Global Hub for the Common Good has been launched! And with it, we officially launch our goals, strategies and initiatives! The Global Hub for the Common Good is a think tank from the people, for the people. Better said, it is a think ocean: A participatory platform
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