Event Summary: Think Ocean Series III, Milestones to co-create a new Economy

14th of December: the third and final event of the Think Ocean Series 2015 took place in London to round up the first three operative months of the Global Hub for the Common Good.

The event – held in Europe House, Westmister, London – was attended by over 50 people active in the social & social enterprise field.

The first two parts of the Think Ocean Series had taken place in Santiago de Chile in October and Barcelona in November. The topics were, respectively, the characteristics a New Economy would have and the public policies that could foster this achievement. In London, the focus was sent on the milestones that are needed in order to get these goals and write a story of success: a new ecosystem based on the Common Good.


The action started early afternoon with a highly interesting panel discussion chaired by Jules PeckThe Real Economy Lab – with panelists Jim Prouty– of Global Alliance for Banking on Values & SFRE, Caroline MacFarland of CoVi and Peter Holbrook from Social Entreprise UK. They shared their vision on the milestones to be achieved according to their sectors of expertise: banking, economic literacy / think tank and social enterprise.

One of the inputs was the need for banking to be a catalyser of positive projects for the economy and the milestone being the creation of many more ethical banks, which are still a minority.

Caroline MacFarland and Peter Holbrook highlighted the need of economic literacy for all citizens to understand many of the problems and inaccurate stories we are being told about the market economy we live in.


From left to right: Peter Holbrook, Caroline MacFarland, Jules Peck and Jim Prouty. More inputs from the interventions will be shared in the final report and the complete speeches will be available in our social media channels soon!

The panel was followed by a presentation of the Global Hub for the Common Good, held by its director, Diego Isabel La Moneda.

Afterwards, the central part of the event took place: a participatory process to decide on the necessary milestones to get to a New Economy on 2025. The participants were invited to discuss in groups and agree on a roadmap regarding the topics: companies, banking, politics, media, civil society and education.

One representative of each group  presented the results to the rest of the attendants in 1-2 minute summaries; these were recorded and will be shared on our social media channels and final report.

This was an event full of inspirational inputs, good energy and will to change. Therefore, we invited and also invite everyone through this note to commit to one action, a resolution, that can foster a new paradigm and to start doing it as soon as possible.


Thanks to all attendants for being there, showing up is the first step!

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