Fundraising Circle

Where is the Fundraising Circle in

the Global Hub for the Common Good structure? 

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Basic information and how to proceed: 

  • Description: The Global Hub is a charity, if we want to scale and implement high impact projects, we urgently need funds!
  • Why it’s important: Our costs are low because we co-create everything, nevertheless, we cannot implement projects and provide scalable solutions without funding.
  • Current Situation: We received 6.500 pounds for our activities of 2015, there were no personal-costs for this year. Funding is necessary to go on in 2016.
  • What we need: highly engaged individuals that want to help raise funds for the Global Hub. We are more than happy to share a percentage with you of the funds you achieve.
  • How to proceed: drop me a line and we can get started right away! You will be sent all necessary information.


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