Today is #InternationalDayOfHappiness

Again, what are these “days of XYZ” for ?

They are days for awareness and visibility for issues we might give for granted. Issues on which we might not have enough time to think about in our busy lives.

Happiness is a major issue. We all deserve to be happy. How to get there: that is a different journey for each person, although there are some common traits according to most of the literature around it:

  • Connection to one’s self
  • Connection to others
  • Connection to nature
  • Equality
  • Have a job that is aligned to your values
  • Altruism

From the Global Hub for the Common Good we would like to read it in a systemic approach:

Our current economic system does not let us much room for connection to ourselves, to other people and to nature…well, it does: in our free time.

Moreover, it is a system that fosters inequality, that forces more than half of the humanity to live under the poverty threshold, and ….the tragedy: that sells us the story that we will be happier if we own more, if we consume more, if we earn more, if we work more and compete against everything and everyone. 

We think we can do this much better: can you imagine a better world in which we would all be happier?

How would a system in which we could ALL be happier look like ?

Here we have some ideas:

On Banking”

On alternative currencies:

On education:

On organisations:

On labour and social policies:

And much much more, there are so many options! It’s just a matter of uniting and engaging towards change, are you in?




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