Manifesto for a New Economy

From May 2016 on, we have started working on the co-creation of a Manifesto for a New Economy. It will be a one-year process through which we will gather inputs from people and organisations all over the world so that we can collaboratively define what the New Economy is and to build a common ground around it. The ultimate goal is to elaborate a Manifesto that will be presented and signed by the main thinkers and doers of the new economy at the New Economy and Social Innovation Forum (NESI) in 2017 in Málaga.

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This Manifesto will be developed and used through an ongoing process: its co-creative nature will make it a tool to be used by all New Economy Movements, also after it has been signed.

This is the description of the project. Whether you are an individual or an organisation we invite you to participate here and to get in touch.

Manifesto for a New Economy

 Co-creating a new economy through a participatory global process

Phase I

May 2016 – April 2017

Co-creating a common narrative

Despite the good intentions of the Millennium Development Goals – now reformulated in the Sustainable Development Goals – and other international attempts, we are still coping with problems such as poverty, inequality or the violation of human rights.

Moreover, under the current economic system new problems have arisen such as the climate change or forced migration.

On the other hand, there are many, so-called, New Economy models (NEMs) or “alternative economies” that are trying to demonstrate that other economic model is feasible. Models such as Social & Solidarity Economy, Economy for the Common Good, Sharing Economy (based on values), Circular Economy, Fair Trade, Social Enterprises, Transition Town or De-growth are demonstrating both theoretically and practically that there are alternatives.

Our aim is to strengthen collaboration among all the NEMs and the organisations, movements and people who dream and work for a new democratic and people-oriented economy. We think the time has come to co-create a new credible and understandable narrative for a new economy as the basis for real systemic change.

Through this action we invite all the NEMs, organisations and people of good will to co-create this new narrative.

Diego Isabel La Moneda

Director New Economy & Social Innovation Global Forum


How are we going to create the new narrative?

Our proposal is to co-create a “Manifesto for a New Economy”. In order to do that, we propose the next methodological process:

Phase I:

  1. Gathering feedback from NEMs, organisations and people worldwide about what the goal, values and narrative of the new economy should be.

We will use an “Open Questionnaire” and we will organise workshops, events, social media campaigns and       other collaborative actions. (May 2016 – September 2016)

  1. All the inputs will be analysed through quantitative and qualitative methods. With all that information, it will be designed a check-list style questionnaire (September- December 2016)
  2. Writing a draft of the Manifesto in a collaborative way (January 2017)
  3. Reviewing the draft with different stakeholders and writing the final Manifesto (February-March 2017)
  4. Launching the Manifesto in the international event “Global Forum; New Economy and Social Innovation” with key international leaders of the new economy (April 2017).


Phase II:

  1. Gathering signatures and support worldwide for the Manifesto.

Who can participate?

Any individual or organisation is invited to contribute to the co-creation of the “Manifesto for a New Economy”.

How can you participate?

You and your organisation are invited to participate / contribute in several ways:

  • Participating in the “team of experts of new economy” that will monitory the process and will write the final Manifesto.
  • Organising workshops and events to gather information (see last section: “Workshops/Events”)

If you are interested in participating, please contact us in





We would like to get as many inputs as possible. For that reason, we invite individuals and organisations to send their answers to the questionnaire as well as to collect the opinion of participants in other events organised by them.

Goal of the Actions

Gathering valuable information to co-create the Manifesto for a New Economy


  • Informing in advance to the Global Hub for the Common Good, discussing together and validating the method before starting the activity (key to avoid potential manipulation of the information).
  • List of participants: Filling in list of participants with first name, surname, city and country. In the case of organisations, name of the organisation, complete name of the representative, city and country.
  • Documenting the activity through pictures and/or video. It is recommended to collect quotes and endorsements by the participants.

Sending all the information by email to

Methodological Process

We are flexible in the way that information about the questions may be gathered.

However, the process must be validated in advance with our team to guarantee its legitimacy and validity. Here are some examples of methods to be followed:


  • Individual opinion. Collecting the individual view of each participant. It can be done just asking him/her the open questions or giving a list of options (survey-style).


  • Group opinion. This can be done starting with the individual opinion and, afterwards, creating groups and agreeing on the answers. Both of them can be very useful.


  • Focus group. Gathering the common view through and open discussion about the questions with a facilitator.


“Co-creating a Manifesto for a New Economy” complete the Questionnaire here


New Economy & Social Innovation Global Forum

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