Media Circle

Where Is The Media Circle In

The Global Hub For The Common Good Structure?

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Basic information and how to proceed:

  • Description: The goal is to get exposure of the Global Hub’s actions and get to more people, organisations, regions and countries more attention from the media is needed.
  • Why it’s important: If the Global Hub has more media attention, we’ll reach more people, which means there will be more people joining the community, more synergies, more strength, a step closer to the tipping point.
  • Current Situation: we have few media contacts, which we use as much as we can. We have to diversify, get mainstream, etc.
  • What we need: engaged people that have contacts to media. You might want to write content or not, as you wish. We’ll be happy to promote you and your work in the Global Hub’s networks as well.
  • How to proceed: drop me a line and we can get started right away! You will be sent all necessary information.


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