NESI Madrid. The new economy arrives to Madrid

Co-creating a roadmap for the new economy of the city

NESI Madrid: 25 October 2016

Venue: Medialab

NESI Madrid, is a laboratory of ideas, created by the citizenship, and for the citizenship. It’s a participative platform, from which we all can co-create a new social, political and economical system, focused and based in the common welfare, for us, and future generations.

NESI Madrid 25Oct., is an opportunity to take part in one of the first pre-debates on New Economy & Social Innovation as a ante-room to be held before NESI’s worldwide launching on April 2017. This event called: “Co-creating a roadmap for the new economy of the city” is coorganized by local partners of the Global Hub for the Common Good such as Sannas and Medialab.


In NESI Madrid, great experts will be brought together to share experiences, analyze the current situation on each theme -organizations, cities, finances, and education- and develop new trends.

During this four-hours-session, participants will identify big leaders on economy (investors, financial institutions, companies, consumers and public sector) to create partnerships and connections with representatives of current new economic movements.

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03:45 pm Welcome

04:00 pm Presentation

04:30 pm Round table: Diego Isabel La Moneda, moderator

reyes-montiel Reyes MontielAdministración Pública


Sonia Felipe Larios – Triodos Bank – Finanzas.


 Luis Fernando – Grupo SM-Editorial – Educación


Francisco Abad – Empresa y Sociedad – Empresas

05:30 pm Coffe & Networking
06:00 pm Working Groups

Companies: facilitator Alejandro Castillo (rrebrand)
Finances: facilitator Laurent Ogel (praxxis)
Education: facilitator Mariano Sarmiento (somos mejor)
Cities: facilitator Daniel (somos mejor)

07:30 pm Open Dialogue
08:10 pm Final conclusions NESI Madrid
08:20 pm Wine Cocktail & Networking

THANKS TO OUR PARTNERS!: SANNAS, Medilab, Lequid, The Circular Project, Fundación Me Importas and Angaraveca

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