New economy workshops and seminars

From the Global Hub for the Common Good we organise several types of workshops, both for companies and individuals on the New Economy:


  • Fit for the future? I How to integrate the new economy in your organisation – try out our awareness tool & dynamic presented in the OuiShare Fest 2016 in Paris
  • Fit for the future? II How do I make the transition from the old to the new conomy in each area of the company? (done separately per area)
  • Happy Management System (HMS) – in company:
    • Improve your company’s results and creativity through happiness
    • Learn about a new management system
    • Define an action plan to help you easily implement the HMS in your company
  • Leaders for the common good – personal development – one exclusive three-day seminar a year, interested? drop us a line!  more information here
  • Thinking on a tailor-made workshop or seminar on the New Economy? We are a network of new economy professionals working on all the various fields this embraces, drop us a line!

Want to know more on the above new economy tools, workshops and seminars?

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New Economy Tools In-company and personal workshops and seminars