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Brett Scott: “Money is not a store of value” & on the need of Bitcoin despite its flaws

One of the goals we have at the Global Hub for the Common Good is to foster economic and financial literacy, therefore, we proudly repost and broaden the reach of good and practical publications. In this occasion, enjoy Brett Schott’s smart and witty writing style -and the very appropriate memes- while learning on the insights of
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Paper by David Bollier and Pat Conaty This paper was first published  on September 8-10, 2015 as a Report on a Commons Strategies Group Workshop in cooperation with the Heinrich Böll Foundation Berlin This “Democratic Money and Capital for the Commons” report is a rare synthesis of perspectives for rethinking money &  finance, even if a more complete
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Action after Paris: going the extra mile in 2016

By Matthew Taylor The Sustainable Innovation Forum. The much-anticipated Paris COP21 UN conference on climate change concluded with an internationally recognised Paris Agreement. It’s ambitious but not binding. It’s not perfect but it’s something. Proposals must now be secured to start achieving the agreement’s goals. Policymakers have done their part but we cannot rely on
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