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Letter to Mr. Schwab (Davos). “Let’s change the economy to change the world”

“Let’s change the economy to change the world” Letter from Diego Isabel La Moneda (Director of the NESI Forum) to Mr. Schwab (Director of World Economic Forum of Davos). Dear Mr. Schwab, I hope this letter finds you well. Maybe getting ready to catch a flight or already enjoying a lovely meal and breathtaking views in
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NESI: The “DAVOS” of the New Economy

Press conference call Global Forum NESI Friday, September 16th, at 12pm, at Malaga’s town hall (Spain) Malaga in Spain hosts the First Global Forum on New Economy and Social Innovation. The Global Forum NESI aims to become the “DAVOS” of the New Economy. For the first time a world meeting is held in order to lay
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