The GHCG at OuiShare Paris 2016

OuiShare Fest Paris 2016: Exploring the edges!

OuiShare Fest – Paris – May 18-21: Exploring the edges! [Special early bird offer valid for one week]

This May, OuiShare Fest will unite 1500 pioneers and settlers from across the globe in Paris for 4 days of conversation, experimentation and collaboration to work on creative solutions to the complex issues of our times. The program, themed  “After the Gold Rush”, features thought leaders such as Nilofer Merchant, Gavin Wood (Ethereum), Primavera De Fillipi (Backfeed), workshops, art performances and participative sessions about collaborative society, future of work, decentralization, civic tech, zero waste, open source, and more.

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5 years after the rise of the ‘Sharing Economy’, the question arises: what’s next? What new models of ownership & governance do 21st century organizations need? How will we ‘work’ in a post-industrial world?

OuiShare, an international collective and think tank on collaborative economies and digital transformations is holding its 4th annual OuiShare Fest in Paris, May 18-21 to address these questions. With the aim to ‘explore the edges’ of the economy, society and ourselves, this 4-day conference brings together 1500 creative leaders, entrepreneurs, movement builders, purpose-driven organizations and communities from 40 countries who are dedicated to driving systemic change. A space for conversation, collaboration and experimentation, OuiShare Fest gathers all these stakeholders to work on creative solutions to solve the complex issues of our time.

This years theme “After the Gold Rush”, goes beyond the Sharing and Collaborative Economy by featuring discussions around topics such as  Civic Tech, Commons, Ownership & Governance, Open Source, Decentralization, Blockchain, Startups, Platform Coop, Zero Waste, Basic Income, the future of work and education. The subjects will be discussed by international thought leaders that include Nilofer Merchant (Author), Gavin Wood (Ethereum), Lisa Gansky (the Mesh), Sebastian Bazin (CEO, Accor), Arun Sundararajan (NYU Stern School of Business), Stephan Tual (, Derek Razo (Enspiral & Cobudget) and Mara Balestrini (Ideas for Change).

OuiShare Fest encourages participants to reflect critically on the various subjects and is characterized by its multi-faceted and interactive approach. This year, each day will focus on one perspective, starting with Evolving Systems (May 18), moving on to Re-shaping Organisations (May 19), and ending with personal and individual transformation (May 20). From the systemic, the institutional, down to the individual level, OuiShare Fest seeks to connect the dots between pioneering individuals and organizations and help these envision and build a future we want.

Want to be part of it? Join the 4-day experience in Paris.

See program overview

Read more about the theme, After the Gold Rush.

Event Details & Highlights

  • Crowdsourced program through a call for proposals, with over 200 submissions
  • 100+ speakers
  • 1500+ participants from over 40 countries
  • Keynotes, workshops, mentor sessions, art performances, live music and more in 6 areas
  • OuiShare Fest Forward, a 3-day accelerator for open source and social impact projects, voted for by the OuiShare community.
  • A public day on May 21st opening our doors to the public to discover collaborative projects and communities in French


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