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Today, October 16th 2015, the Web of the Global Hub for the Common Good has been launched!
And with it, we officially launch our goals, strategies and initiatives!

The Global Hub for the Common Good is a think tank from the people, for the people. Better said, it is a think ocean:

A participatory platform through which we (you and everyone who wants to join) will co-create the social, politic and economic system we want for us and our future generations.

What does co-create mean? It means that we – citizens and organisations – will build our future together through collaborative processes.

Given the current system we have, it is difficult to imagine how such a platform could work. We are preparing many things/events/initiatives/talks that we want to share with you…Here you can check the first events taking place in the coming weeks; here are the links that lead to the them directly.

Join us!

In each of them you will find how to register and, most importantly, PARTICIPATE in them:

We want you to be a part of this movement too, let’s change the world together!

Get Involved!

If you want to know more, ask questions, clarify doubts…just drop us a line here.

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