Thematic Hubs Circle

Where Is The Thematic Hubs Circle In

The Global Hub For The Common Good Structure?

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Basic Information And How To Proceed:

  • Description: Thematic Hubs are online / offline groups of people that organise themselves around a topic according to their expertise and interest.
  • Why it’s important: This circles are areas of discussion, action, proposals, etc. With the final goal of writing policy proposals on specific topics and to start campaigning for them.
  • Current Situation: These Thematic Hubs do not exist yet. But it is necessary to activate the collective intelligence. We are a global network and together we can get very far!
  • Topics: thanks to your inputs these last three months, we have seen the general interest lays around these topics:
    • New Politics
    • New Economy
    • Banking &
    • Finances on Values
    • Democracy & Citizenship participation
    • Education for the Common Good
    • Lifestyle and Wellbeing


  • How to proceed: drop me a line and let me know what topic you are interested in. We can then start organising people around each area. If there are no volunteers for one of the circles, this one in particular will not be opened by now.


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