Co-creating a new economy from people for people

Think Ocean Series project
We develop our research projects through connecting people and cultures.
Yes, we believe in the collective wisdom.

In our first “Think Ocean Series” we will answer three connected and key questions and the outcome will be a “Policy Proposal” made in a collaborative way about “Co-creating a new economy from people to people”.

These are the three connected questions:

Participants will be invited to imagine that they live in 2025. They will think about the question and afterwards they will be filmed and interviewed by a TV presenter in the “breaking news”. They have to talk as if the answer to the question is a reality in 2025.

The “breaking news” will be the starting point of the event in the next city where participants will watch the videos before answering the next question. In parallel, people can participative online and we also develop an academic research.

Finally, with all the information gathered the participative policy proposal “Co-creating a new economy from people to people” will be presented to governments, media and the society.

Fancy participating?

You can contact us through this form. Please indicate “think ocean series” as the concept of the form.

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