Think Ocean Series II Barcelona: Public Policies to foster a New Economy

The second part of Think Ocean Series took place in Barcelona on November 18th as a previous event to the OuiShare Fest Bcn 2015.

Following the structure of the Think Ocean Series there was a short presentation on the Global Hub for the Common Good, a panel discussion and a participatory process.

The panel of experts was composed by Thomas Dönnebrink, from the Sharing Economy Movement and OuiShare connector for Germany; Mar Gaya, expert on equality matters; Diego Isabel, Director from the Global Hub for the Common Good and Josean Lavado, president of the catalan association of the ECG.

Global Hub bcn 2015 19

The discussion was focused on the importance of the language in order to be able to imagine a better world: to find common expressions, wording and stories to counter-balance the neo-liberal rhetoric, which is so rooted in our system, that we cannot even differentiate it anymore. This is also the case for gender-discrimination, which is present in our everyday expressions, and we do not realise of it.

The discussion followed with the advantages and relevant topics regarding the ECG and companies and, finally, it was also discussed why there is the need of a systemic change and not only some type of “modification” of capitalism.

The participatory process was based around political policies: how can governments foster a change towards a new economy based on the common good? There were working groups on education, housing, third age, media, etc.

All the inputs from this process plus Santiago de Chile, Madrid (International Launch) and London will be shared in the upcoming final 2015 report of the Global Hub for the Common Good.

Stay tuned!



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