What is the Economics of Happiness?

What is the Economics of Happiness?

As E.F. Schumacher said in his book “Small is beautiful”, “the goal of the economy is to provide maximum happiness with minimum conmsumption”.

Discover more about what is the Economics of Happiness in this interview to Helena Norberg Hodge of Local Futures / Economics of Happiness by Diego Isabel, Director of the Global Hub for the Common Good. Helena explains us how an Economics of Happiness is based on localisation, promoting local food, local relationships and being connected with the nature and other human beings.



During the GLobal Forum NESI “New Economy and Social Innovation” we will talk about how to promote an Economics of Happiness in session like this titled “Wellbeing and Happiness as policy tools and drivers of the economy“. We will listen people from the Gross National Happiness Center of Buthan, Network of Wellbeing and other international experts talking about how to make real the Economics of Happiness.

See you in NESI on 19-22 April 2017!


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One response to “What is the Economics of Happiness?”

  1. theophilous says:

    I would say less make happy and I mean less GMO´s less phosphat less chemical roundup´s less plastic greenhouses less industrial agriculture less money economy less carbon pollution less nox exhausts less manipulation of intime life less destruction of pristine forrest less palmoil mix less proxy wars less economical depletion less credit bubbles less off limits less compartimentation of planet population less racial hate less sexual herassment all these meassures will bring happyness to our civilisation without doubt

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