Women and the current Economic System

Today is International Women’s day.

Whether you like days dedicated to something, or just think of them as of no use, we think it is a good day to talk about women and our current economic system. To remind ourselves about the fact that, in Europe, women are still being paid 20% less for their jobs than men are. We are talking about equal jobs, equal performances: men still earn 20% MORE than women.

The terrible thing about it is that we are so used to this information, that we are not even surprised or we do not even think this is alarming.

On November 18th 2015, Mar Gaya, an expert in equality policies, was one of our panelists in the Global Hub for the Common Good’s Think Ocean Series in Barcelona. Mar expressed herself in the clearest possible way, shedding light on how our Economic System and, therefore, Culture is discriminating women.

In case you understand Spanish, you can find her intervention on this video. Scroll down to read some of her statements:



Some of Mar Gaya’s statements:

  • How do I imagine a new economy? It should be an economy at the service of its people and not the other way around. It should be an economy in which we can all participate. Currently, half of the population is not participating in this economy: women. Women are not in decision-making positions.
  • This Economy is made by and for men.
  • Without equality there is no democracy. Our economy of the future has to be democratic.
  • At school, boys with good marks are described as “intelligent”, girls as “hard-working”.  On text books, 70% of the contributions to the evolution of mankind belong to men’s successes. Women’s role to our evolution is invisible and this affects girls’ development and identity.
  • Women’s domestic work represents a 20-30% of the GDP in Spain (as much as the oil industry). Measuring is important. If we measure the wrong things, we will make wrong decisions.


Some people roll their eyes when they hear about feminism. They shouldn’t. Our current system makes women poorer than men, it leaves them unprotected.

Moreover, it is not only about women, it is also about men: it’s also about feminity. How feminine skills and characteristics are still not fully accepted in our society. Yes, most men also have feminine attributes, fortunately. We need to redefine the role of men and women in our society.

We hope that through these clear statements, you get to understand one more of our economic system’s negative externalities. One more worthy reason to strive for systemic change.


International Women’s Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity.

#PledgeForParity   #IWD2016


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