#WorldCancerDay. Consequences of a Systemic Change based on the Common Good: we would all be healthier

Today was World Cancer day.

Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases worldwide. Most of us – if not all of us – have a loved one suffering from this terrible disease.

We think that on a day like this, it is necessary to remind ourselves of possible prevention measures: a healthier lifestyle with more sleep, high quality nutrition, sport, avoiding stress and increasing medical checks for high-risk population.

But this is only the tip of the iceberg. 

This videos shows the happy News of an ideal future in which the cure to cancer will have been discovered thanks to collaboration among the pharmaceutical industries, governments and all involved players. 

This is just a dream, that we wish would soon come true.

The possibility of reducing cancer among the population or finding a cure to it is also a Systemic Change matter:

As individuals, the first thing we have to do is focus on prevention – as most of today’s messages were addressed to- we should all take more and better care of ourselves.

But there also is a systemic factor. As empowered individuals we have to claim for a better system that does not foster and allow practices that are of high risk for the population:  pollution in our rivers and oceans, the usage of chemicals for our food, bringing us to social and economic stress because of fierce competition, etc.  And we are not helpless in this. As individuals there is a lot we can do for Systemic Change: engage in local groups, get active online, talk about this topic. Our Health is highly related to the System we live in and no one talks about it.

We need a better system for a better world, for us and our loved ones.

Unfortunately, we know well how horrible this illness is and how unpleasant it is to hear that it is partly caused by the system we live in. Some cases aren’t, but many are.

From the Global Hub for the Common Good we want to send you strength and our support if you or a loved one is suffering from this illness. From our side, we promise we’ll keep fighting for a better world for us and our future generations.

With Love,

The Staff Team of the Global Hub for the Common Good



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